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Are you ready to take the next step in home comfort? Give us a call today from anywhere in Irving, TX, and the team of 911 Water Heater Irving will be there in no time for water heater repair, installation, and replacement. We are available 24/7 for any emergency you need as well!

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Emergency Service

We will send out of our licensed, and insured Irving area emergency Plumbing to assist you!

Honest Pricing

You can save some cash and solve the problem with our Cheap Plumbing Service in Irving TX.

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Our technicians are professionally trained and are all provided with the most current and up to date tools.

Water Heater repair

Get The Best Heater for You & Your Family

Water heaters are essential appliances, but they can also be complicated and difficult to understand. We’re here to help you understand what goes into a water heater, how to choose the right one for your home, and what you need to know when it comes time for repair or replacement. If you need a new water heater? We’re here to help!

Call 911 Water Heater Irving from anywhere in Irving, TX, and We’ll get your home back to normal in no time. We will provide you with a 40-gallon water heater or 50-gallon water heater according to how you use it. You can also get a Tankless heater for hot water all year long.

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Are You Having Problems
with Your Heater?

If you notice there is water running from your heater, that is not a good sign, and you should call a professional as soon as possible. If you leave it be for too long, you will get expensive water bills, and your heater will even stop working properly. If you have a problem with your heater, call 911 Water Heater Irving.

We fix all types of water heaters—tankless, gas, electric, and more. We’ll find the problem and fix it fast. We’re also available day and night in Irving, TX, to provide you with the best heaters for your house or workplace so that you can enjoy the best experience without any problem.

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fix water heaters tankless

Top Experienced Team for The Best Service

Whether you need a tankless water heater or a traditional tank system, we’ve got it covered. And if you’re not sure what kind of system will work best for your home, we can help with that too! At 911 Water Heater Irving, we believe that everyone deserves the best in home comfort. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your home.

Whether you need a tankless water heater or an electric hot water heater, we’ve got you. Our team of experts is available in Irving, TX, and we’ll work with you every step of the way, from identifying what type of system would work best for your property to installing it and making sure it’s working correctly.